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July 30 is a tribute to cheesecake, one of the most critically acclaimed desserts, and by society in general, which has been installed in the vast majority of restaurants and recipe books as a timeless basic with endless reinterpretative possibilities.

From semi-liquid cheesecakes to cheescakes inspired by the American recipe, through avant-garde or deconstructed versions that reinvent the traditional dessert, we present 8 restaurants in Madrid where you can enjoy the best cheesecakes, to test the most demanding palates.


This chic restaurant inspired by Cantabrian cuisine serves one of the best semi-liquid cakes on the Madrid scene. Being one of the first to be popularized nationally, this tart is presented warm on a base of crushed maria cookies, mixed with butter. The main and milky part is made with a cream cheese and fresh cheese from Burgos that stands out for its texture and its smooth and creamy balance crowned by a caramel tile.

The price of this dessert designed by chef Nicolás Reyes Ruiz is 9€, and you can find it at: Calle del Conde de Peñalver, 86.


Considered the best cheesecake in town by many, this tart is perfect for lovers of contrasts, and of the creamy, liquid effect in cheesecakes.

Fismuler‘s now iconic cheesecake, which is even available for home delivery at Pastelería Mallorca, is presented as a blend of strong cheeses made by Nino Redruello and master pastry chef Yara Callau.

This cheesecake is composed of a sablé cookie base and three cheeses: fresh cheese that serves to amalgamate everything, smoked idiazábal cheese to give it a touch of complexity and a blue cheese that finishes enhancing the cheese flavor.

You will find it at: Calle de Sagasta, 29 (Almagro) for 7€.


El Hombre Pez, beyond having captivated diners with its innovative menu that fuses Cantabrian and Indian gastronomy, includes in its menu an exquisite cheesecake made with blue cheese, specifically with Picón Bejes-Tresviso cheese, produced in the Liébana region.

You will find it at: Calle de Velázquez, 102 (Lista) for 9€.


Luna & Wanda‘s cheesecakes have become a must in the capital, which have been perfected by its creator, Sergio Arjona, managing to create a balanced cake in texture and flavor: toasted on the outside, and creamy on the inside with cheeses from Formaje with a cookie base.

You can find their three versions: the blonde, more classic; the mestiza, with dulce de leche, and the morena, with chocolate at: Calle de Espronceda, 3 (Ríos Rosas) from 9€.


At the rooftop Picalagartos Sky Bar & Restaurant, located on the ninth floor of the NH Collection Gran Vía Hotel, they offer an exquisite cheesecake created by the executive chef of Azotea Grupo, Manuel de Berganza.

It is a melting pistachio cheesecake with manchego cloud with a layer of red fruits and pistachio on the surface, finished at the table with grated Parmesan cheese on top.

You will find it at: Calle Gran Vía, 21 for 18 €.


This exclusive bar-restaurant suspended in a vintage club atmosphere serves the best cheesecake of 2022, according to the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Madrid.

This coveted dessert is made in the oven, specifically at 170ºC and for 30 minutes, and stands out for its combination of Madrid cheeses Vega de San Martín, rulo de cabra and a goat bonbon, as well as for its crunchy sablé -with a touch of honeycomb honey- that serves as a base.

You will find it at: P.º de la Castellana, 36 for 12€.


Guisandera de Piñera becomes a gastronomic tribute to the Asturian guisanderas. In an ode to the cuisine of a lifetime, traditional and spoon, in which, in its dessert menu can not miss its delicious creamy cheesecake, handmade with cheeses from the north; with Asturian cream cheese and a touch of goat cheese.

You will find it at: Rosario Pino, 12 for 10€.


This project directed by chef Daniel Roca has a Mediterranean menu with international notes in which innovation merges with tradition marked by a series of nods to his grandmother’s cuisine. In its extensive menu, we can find an unbeatable dessert: its cheesecake made with 4 different cheeses, chosen at their point of maturation.

You will find it at: Calle Lagasca, 19 for 9€.

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