Casa Salesas, this is the new restaurant of Iñigo Onieva and Manuel Campos

A place with which they inaugurate their group ‘Casablanca Hospitality’.

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In the heart of Justicia, Madrid’s trendy gastronomic district, Manuel Campos and Iñigo Onieva have joined forces to open their own culinary space in the form of a bistro and cocktail bar. A project ‘born and raised in the barrio’ that will open on 13 May at number 6 Calle Fernando VI.

At the same time, the business duo is also launching their hotel and catering group with which they will create ‘unique experiences’. An idea that will be served in their debut restaurant Casa Salesas, in which two other partners have also been involved: the politician Iván Espinosa de los Monteros and José Luis López.

Based on an ‘all day long’ operation, as they define on their Instagram, the restaurant’s continuous opening hours will extend from 10am to 2am. A concept with which they aim to become the new place to be where you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner and even drinks in the early hours of the morning.

The interior design of the restaurant is by the Lázaro Rosa-Violán studio, which has carried out other design projects such as that of DiverXO, and is structured by means of a two-storey layout differentiated between ‘restaurant’ and ‘cocktail bar’.

As for its gastronomic proposal, the menu will be designed for an average ticket of 40 euros to present an exclusive experience but for all budgets, and will include dishes such as bowls for healthy breakfasts, brunches at any time or reinterpreted classics of Spanish cuisine along with an offer of salads and vegetables, pasta and grilled meats.