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Dua Lipa shares her favourite food in the world

The pop icon once again demonstrates his undying love for gastronomy.

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Dua Lipa doesn’t just make a living from music tours, she also makes a living from culinary tours. At least, that’s what she expressed in a way in the new episode of the podcast Dish, in which the singer and songwriter had a relaxed conversation around the table with her hosts Nick and Ange.

Beyond worshipping astrology, the artist reveres food, both in her hometown and on her travels, where she ‘just eats and tries different things, and drinks wine’. That’s the real dream for Lipa, who, during the conversational evening, would enjoy vegetarian steaks, while sharing her favourite foods, reaffirming once again her obsession with food.

As well as talking about her favourite Walker’s prawn cocktail fries, and her favourite pasta, spaghetti, the star talked about the foods she incorporates into her daily routine, including the eating habits she follows on tour.

Dua is a self-professed fan of Mediterranean-style cuisine, and sticks to meat and vegetable dishes during the touring season. But alongside steak, one of her favourite sources of protein is a plant-based ingredient: lentils, specifically pre-cooked lentils. ‘I love lentils,’ Lipa admits. ‘I’m a packaged lentil criminal because it’s so quick.’ She adds that she enjoys them most when she adds them to her salads, providing the nutrients and protein that the legume possesses.