This is the high protein breakfast Margot Robbie eats

The 'Barbie' star showed in an interview what her nutritious breakfast is and also revealed which dish has been the best thing that has happened to her in life.

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The premiere of the long-awaited ‘Barbie’ movie is just over a month away and its star, Margot Robbie, is already in full promotion. A few weeks ago she gave an interview in Vogue where she gave a glimpse of the high protein breakfast she ate. During her chat with the magazine, Robbie ordered a breakfast consisting of avocado toast, grilled halloumi cheese and “crispy” Australian-style bacon, as the actress herself emphasized.

It is a dish rich in protein and healthy, yet tasty, and very easy to prepare. The difference between Australian-style bacon and English-style bacon is that it is made with pork loin cut in the center and has less fat.

Her love for bacon goes much further, since in the Vogue interview she also revealed which dish has been “the best thing that has ever happened to me”. She tried it on her last trip to Japan. She wanted to visit a noodle place that she had booked and, after waiting in line for three hours, Margot was able to taste the popular Udon Carbonara. And, although such a combination might sound sacrilegious, the actress loved it.

Finally, we also learned that Robbie loves food, but cooking is not his forte, as he tends to get distracted easily and “everything burns”.