Paco Roncero will open a restaurant with Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Álex González, among others

The restaurant is called Rhudo and it seems that other celebrities such as Marcos Llorente, Antoine Griezman or La Vecina Rubia will also be involved in the project.

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Paco Roncero is one of the most prestigious chefs in our country. Despite already succeeding with his restaurant Paco Roncero, which has just revalidated its 2 stars, the chef from Madrid -considered the 60th best chef in the world- lives a great professional moment and has decided to embark on a new and ambitious gastronomic project: the restaurant Rhudo. And he is not going to do it alone, because as can be seen in its Social Media, the new restaurant of Paco Roncero also involves celebrities such as actors Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Álex González, soccer players Marcos Llorente and Antoine Griezzman, and it seems that even the writer and influencer La Vecina Rubia, according to her Instagram profile.

So far they have revealed little about this new restaurant, although it seems that in the coming weeks they will be revealing all the details. The restaurant will be located in Madrid, specifically at 64 Velázquez street (according to Álex González in an interview with El Español). Also, the culinary proposal will be in charge of Paco Roncero. As indicated in his Instagram, it is a restaurant that will return to the origins and the essence of the raw material. But they also play with the unpredictability and originality of their elaborations.

“I will never tire of exploring the hidden nuances within a quality raw material,” he says in one of the images featuring the Madrid chef himself. He goes on to add that it is shaped by curiosity and pleasure.

For his part, another of the project’s protagonists, Álex González, also shares a revealing phrase: “Enjoying is a necessity. knowing how to choose the way to do it is an art”. While Miguel Ángel Silvestre affirms that he feels “a very special satisfaction when I dare to experience what I have never experienced before”.

We will be keeping a close eye on what is likely to be one of Madrid’s most anticipated openings in 2024.