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How paparazzi photos have become food brands’ biggest ad campaigns

A trail that may have started with Affleck’s famous coffee drinking that ended in an extensive business relationship with the brand.

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Celebrities are transforming the streets, the doors of restaurants, cafés or grocery shops into the new spots in which to project trends: from new pieces of design, to food or drinks such as Erewhon smoothies, McDonald’s menus or Coca-Cola cans.

On many occasions, our favourite fashion, film or art personalities end up announcing, coincidentally, collaborations with these brands after being captured by the parparazzi on these key stages. As if they were all somehow starring in subliminal advertising campaigns in perfect outfits.

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Food as a fashion accessory

We are living in an era in which food is becoming the new fashion accessory, as we have seen through collaborations such as Balenciaga x Erewhon or Palace x McDonald’s.

In this sense, it is worth mentioning the supposed commercial link between Kim in particular, and the Kardashian clan in general, with Coca-Cola, and how they have strategically integrated it over the last few years on magazine covers, photo shoots or paparazzi captures.

Given that so much of Kim Kardashian‘s existence is part of a carefully crafted advertisement, the internet has been speculating for some time now that Kim and her family circle could be carrying out covert advertising for Coca-Cola.

As more and more food chains turn to celebrities to create their own menus or drinks, we are starting to see how celebrities are also walking the streets with different products that end up becoming cult objects.

Precisely, one of the latest paparazzi shootings that could reflect this reality would be Rosalia and Hunter Schafer’s Erewhon smoothie date in LA. The Euphoria star and the pop icon were spotted sharing a smoothie from the Hollywood elite’s supermarket; as if it were an impromptu catwalk with aesthetically coordinated looks, or an undercover advertising campaign for Erewhon.


Rosalía y Hunter Schafer por las calles de Los Angeles #rosalia #hunterschafer #parati #fyp


The power of the paparazzi

And this is not an isolated case, but a collective trend driven by various stardom personalities who parade their Erewhon shakes around Hollywood’s main enclaves. During Lily-Rose Depp‘s promotion for ‘The Idol’, she was often seen with her girlfriend 070 Shake outside the same grocery shop. Similarly, Timothée Chalamet or Jacob Elordi follow in her wake as the internet’s new favourite style icons who provide great looks when out for an iced coffee.

This is probably true to some extent, and not part of an organised campaign where they are paid to be seen with the product. Whatever the case, the impact that all these stars have on the consumer ends up having far more power than the food brands’ own advertisements; which end up leading them to collaborate with them ‘organically’ because of their previous association.