Erewhon takes to the high fashion stage with Balenciaga

The supermarket supreme era of the Hollywood elite has just glorified its brand in the fashion world with Balenciaga.

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Erewhon, more than the world’s most expensive grocery shop, is a successful collaborative brand around the world. On many occasions, its centres even become an impromptu catwalk for celebrities who walk through its spaces, captured by paparazzi hidden behind its shelves.

Now, this VIP supermarket is going one step further to step onto the high-end catwalk through a collaboration with cult brand Balenciaga, which held its Fall 2024 fashion show this weekend, serving luxury under the Hollywood sign.

There, amidst Californian palm trees and rays of sunshine, a whole cast of celebrities and familiar faces gathered to attend this expectant show that marks the next chapter of creative director Demna Gvasalia‘s next chapter. One in which he once again ironised fashion through a satirical story full of celebrities parading around with items signed by Erewhon: from juices and smoothies to T-shirts, zip-up sweatshirts, kitchen aprons, baseball caps and a tote bag.

Demna thus entered the star-studded neighbourhoods of Los Angeles, reflecting the daily activities of the stardom, carrying oatmeal lattes and swinging Erewhon shopping bags at a frenetic pace.

What does Balenciaga x Erewhon juice taste like?

This coveted juice, which could very well taste as decadent and strange as the luxury brand’s surrounding universe, is made with a blend of apple, lemon, ginger, cinnamon, maple (all organic) and charcoal, which enhances its detoxifying benefits.

It is an organic drink -in keeping with the Erewhon identity- that is now also part of the Los Angeles celebrity culture and satire that has just connected Erewhon and Balenciaga forever.

This exclusive collaboration is now available on the Balenciaga website.