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This is Breakfast by Salt’s Cure, the coffee shop where Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid have been caught having breakfast

The new trendy couple went for breakfast at a well-known coffee shop located in New York’s West Village.

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Since a few months ago, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper have become one of the most surprising couples of the season. Although it has been difficult for them to show themselves in public naturally, it seems that they have taken a step further and no longer hide. In fact, a few days ago they decided to go for breakfast at one of the trendiest coffee shops in New York. It’s Breafkast by Salt’s Cure, which has two locations in New York and two others in California, where it first opened the doors in 2010 and, since then, people have had to queue to be able to have breakfast there. Although, judging by the pictures, Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper didn’t have to wait long to enjoy this coffee shop.

Gigi Hadid y Bradley Cooper en la cafetería Breakfast by Salt’s Cure

Breakfast by Salt’s Cure is characterized by offering an informal concept where you can enjoy a full breakfast or brunch. Its highlights are, without a doubt, its spectacular oatmeal pancakes, with different toppings such as molasses butter and cinnamon or Banana Nut. This is usually accompanied by scrambled eggs or heartier dishes such as breaded chicken fillets, sandwiches or sausage burgers.

As captured by the paparazzi, both Gigi and Bradley were very affectionate as they enjoyed the romantic breakfast (although they were also accompanied by other friends). On the way out, they took a cab together.

It is not the only foodie date that the couple has had in recent days, as photographers also captured them leaving for breakfast at another New York restaurant: Corner Bar, located this time in Chinatown.