How to cut an onion the right way, according to Stanley Tucci

In addition to some tips to avoid crying, the actor and foodie has also shared his ideal way to cut an onion.

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If there is an actor who has become a reference in the world of cooking, that is Stanley Tucci. A foodie if ever there was one, the American has several books and cooking shows to his credit and his social networks are dominated by food content. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people follow his culinary advice. In a recent interview with Esquire magazine, Tucci shared his tricks to cut an onion in the right way, also to do it without crying. We’ll reveal them for you below.

In the TikTok video, Stanley Tucci begins by explaining that there are different ways to cut an onion, but that he opts for the way he was taught by a chef friend. To carry out this technique, the first thing you need is a sharp knife, emphasizing that this is a really important aspect.

Next, the actor takes the onion resting on the cutting board and cuts off the ends. He then places it on one of the flat ends and cuts it in half again, leaving two equal parts.

Then take one of the halves and peel it, reserving the peels. Lay the onion flat side down again and cut three slices horizontally. And turn the onion over to chop it into strips. As Tucci specifies, at this point the onion should be segmented, but still in one piece.

The final touch of the celebrity would be to cut the onion into cubes or cubes so that everything is uniform and “pretty”. Do the same with the other half.

More tips from Stanley Tucci

In addition to giving a test on how to properly cut onions, Tucci lists other tips for choosing the best piece. According to the actor, “it should not be soft” and “if it is soft, do not buy it”, as it may be a sign of being in bad condition.

As for anti-crime tricks, Tucci chooses to wear goggles specifically designed for cutting onions. But he also echoes other typical homemade methods, such as putting a piece of bread or a wooden spoon in his mouth.