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One of the neighbourhood bakeries in El Rastro serves the best bread in the capital, and it’s called Novo Mundo. They are the authors behind this elaboration, praised by the competition organised by the exclusive Club Matador.

In the competition, which this year celebrates its fifth edition, a constellation of bakers made up of 30 bakeries have participated with the aim of highlighting the craftsmanship of this product as well as the art and craft of the baker.

The conditions of the competition consisted of submitting two 1 kilo loaves made with wheat flour, water, yeast and salt, which would then be assessed by a jury chaired by the food critic José Carlos Capel, based on the following criteria: appearance, baking, crumb, smell and taste.

Among the finalists, which included bakeries such as Clan Obrador, Alma Nomad Bakery, El Horno Babette and Misión Bakehouse, Novo Mundo knew how to bake all these qualities and ingredients in the best possible way in a loaf that is crunchy on the outside and spongy and tasty.

The winning loaf from the bakery owned by Patricio Pons and Norman Flores is made with two organic flours and a fermentation process of between 18 and 20 hours.

The president of the jury, José Carlos Capel, highlighted the following about the winning loaf: ‘Its contrast of sensations, the sponginess of the crumb against a very crunchy crust. Its mild acidity and pronounced cereal flavour stand out. It is a loaf that smells very good and has convinced the jury unanimously’.

Novo Mundo, in its position on the podium as winner, will receive a stamp accrediting it as the author of the best bread in Madrid 2023 and will become a guest partner and official supplier of Club Matador for one year.

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