Nombres propios

Anna Castillo opens a restaurant guide on Instagram

An account that revolves around gastronomic events.

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In previous episodes, Anna Castillo entered the gastronomic scene to explore the art of mixology by creating a cocktail inspired by her adolescence by the sea for Bombay Sapphire. Now, she has gone one step further to take on the role of culinary critic and bring together in the same ‘guide’ a series of restaurants in which to go on a date, spend a hangover or have a snack.

It is a curatorial profile in which each post is dedicated to a specific concept: such as ‘Sunday’, the day of the vermouth par excellence. The actress recommends places in the capital such as the natural wine bar Fun Fun Fun, Café Gijón or legendary taverns such as El Maño or La Gloria.

However, if you’re more of a daytime breakfast kind of person, you’ll probably want to check out the cafés Acid, Nomade or Santa Eulalia. At @conceptdate, variety is served in large doses for all those who want to discover Madrid’s culinary scene under the approval of a food-loving movie star.