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Where Tapas eat in Madrid after the first edition of the Forbes Summit Artificial Intelligence 2024

We recommend some of the best restaurants in the capital where you can enjoy a good feast after the event.

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The first Forbes AI Summit will be held at the Rafael del Pino Auditorium (Madrid) today, Tuesday 7 May, and will address the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the business world and the redefinition of business management strategies, among many other issues.

The Artificial Intelligence 2024 Summit, which will feature the opinions and experiences of business leaders, technological innovators and representatives from the public and private sectors, will be hosted by journalist Leticia Iglesias and will end at around 2.30pm. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to recommend some of the best restaurants in the capital to eat at after the event.

Pabú, Tapas Best New Restaurant 2024

Pabú is presented as one of the best culinary novelties of recent times. And no wonder, because its chef Coco Montes has managed to captivate the gastronomic critics with his micro-seasonal and ephemeral cuisine, reflecting his innovative vision with which he transforms and evolves his dishes in which vegetables and French techniques take on a major role, along with the occasional product from the sea and the land. All of this is expressed in two menus, Paté and Bubú, as a tribute to the way his nephews call his parents.

Where? C. de Panamá, 4, Chamartín, 28036 Madrid.

OSA, Tapas Best New Restaurant 2023

Sara Peral and Jorge Muñoz‘s house has won the hearts of gourmets for its space structured around an open kitchen at the entrance and small interconnected rooms in which they serve a single tasting menu that reflects the balance of the chef tandem at the helm. Haute cuisine dishes prepared with seasonal products, which hide smoked, matured, exact cooking points and backgrounds that are an explosion of flavour with which they show the raw materials at the table to explain the origin and cooking techniques.

Where? C. de la Ribera del Manzanares, 123, Moncloa.

Desde 1911, Tapas Best New Restaurant 2022

To understand this place it is necessary to talk about Evaristo García, third generation of Maragatos muleteers, and Ma Juliana Azpíroz, who came from an Angulera family. With them progressed Pescaderías Coruñesas, the company that connects Madrid with the sea, supplying it with the best fish and seafood. Then came the restaurant business, and today, the fourth generation has taken over this project, which is a tribute to the work of fishmongers and fishmongers, just as they are.

Where? Calle Vivero, 3.

Club Financiero

The Club Financiero Génova reopened its doors with a new gastronomic proposal managed by Familia La Ancha and Azotea Group that has positioned it as one of the most coveted restaurants in the city. Whether for the culinary interpretation of its chef Nino Redruello based on tradition, or for its views of the entire Madrid skyline in the middle of a space with a new look and feel with the essence of a Spanish club.

Where? Marqués de la Ensenada, 14. Madrid.

Trèsde, T de Oro de Tapas Magazine en Madrid 2023

These three friends met at school and, although life took them down different paths, it has brought them together again in the project of a lifetime. A small place, very bistro-style, where everything is purity, truth and, above all, product. The menu consists of three starters, three mains and three desserts, which change from time to time – in addition to their €41 formula. Delicacy rules: the tomato from the Sierra del Segura tastes like tomato and the free-range chicken with corn is life in the countryside.

Por Victoria Bravo

Where? Madrid. Cava Alta, 17.

Ugo Chan, T de Oro de Tapas Magazine 2022

If Hugo didn’t exist, he would have to be invented. His good vibes and vital spirit permeate this restaurant, which in a very short time captivated the public and the Michelin Guide (it has one star). Of course, its cuisine is the star – its ensaladilla with bull is epic, its tripe gyoza is legendary and the tuna nigiris with tomato and sardine with Malagueña alboronía are unmissable. But it is impossible to talk about this “affectionate” (that’s what ‘chan’ means in Japanese) Hugo, without talking about the music, the team, the wine, or his suppliers, who are family.

Por Victoria Bravo

Where? C. de Félix Boix, 6, Chamartín.

Tragabuches de Dani García

The Andalusian essence and the cuisine of the chef’s origins is rising from the centre of the capital, specifically from this ‘honest & Andalusian’ restaurant by Dani García based on a model of non-stop cuisine in which the chef fuses the avant-garde and tradition, showing his culture and raw materials fused with the produce of Madrid in a menu with spoon dishes and traditional recipes.

Where? C. de José Ortega y Gasset, 40, Salamanca, 28006 Madrid.

Estimar de Rafa Zafra

To the uninitiated, Estimar may seem like an expensive restaurant, but to those who complain about the price we would say that at first glance costume jewellery and 24-carat gold look the same, but they are not the same thing. Estimar is the obvious proof that Madrid is the best sea port; marine jewels selected by the family of Ana Gotanegra, wife of the chef, Rafa Zafra, and proud heiress of a long family tradition of fishmongers, arrive every day from the boats of Cabo de Creus to its kitchens. Ferran Adrià defined this house as “the seafood restaurant of the 21st century”, and he hit the nail on the head. Zafra’s technical mastery is overwhelming, he dominates the avant-garde, but he knows how to fry, cook or handle the griddle, and in a waste of sensitivity and common sense each product receives what it needs to express itself to the full.

Por Alberto Fernández Bombín & Rodrigo Varona

Where? Calle del Marqués de Cubas, 18, 28014 Madrid.

¿Dónde? Madrid. Félix Boix, 6.

Latxaska Etxea

Seasonal cuisine, prepared with the best raw materials received daily from all corners of Spain and from the most select suppliers. Meat and fish to which its emblematic holm oak charcoal grill adds a distinctive and incomparable touch. With a special selection of wines from the best designations of origin.

Por Victoria Bravo

Where? Madrid. Paseo del Molino, 8.

Can Chan Cha

María and Roberto have been in Madrid for 20 years. They arrived separately, but the city brought them together and today they pay homage to it. They do it with a cuisine in which the party has a “cañí” and Mexican accent -because in Madrid all the cultures of the world converge-; with the energy of the Klein blue that dresses the space, the splash of lime that falls on the tortilla and the toasts with tequila. The craving is satiated with guacamole with shrimp tortilla, Galician empanada with huitlacoche and chopitos, red tuna and watermelon tostada -please try it- or a taco with zarajos, razor clams and Tatiana guajillo sauce.

Por Victoria Bravo

Where? Madrid. Serrano, 47, 3a planta (El Corte Inglés).


Very few restaurants in Spain, and in the world, can boast a history as relevant as that of Zalacaín, which in 2023 is celebrating 50 years since its opening in 1973. A gastronomic temple par excellence, synonymous with a unique gastronomic experience and a meeting point for personalities from all walks of life since its foundation. Zalacaín is now immersed in a new phase, which began in July 2021 with its reopening by Grupo Urrechu. A period in which it has recovered the best of its essence thanks to the management of the successful hotel group, with the businessman Manuel Marrón and the chef Íñigo Urrechu as main partners. A joint management that has led Zalacaín to once again become one of the leading restaurants in Madrid and Spain.

Por Victoria Bravo

Where? Madrid. Álvarez de Baena, 4.


It is pure excellence, the kind that leaves nothing to chance and that (almost) borders on perfection. So much so, that only after six months of opening – back in 2016 – Michelin decided to recognise its work with a star. Behind it is the Álbora group, the result of the alliance between Joselito and La Catedral de Navarra; in front of it, a team led by Sergio Manzano, who excels in dishes such as the pigeon matured in ‘Joselito essence’ or the sirloin Wellington with lemon curd and bordelaise sauce. To enjoy its more ‘rogue’ version: the A’nómalo bar.

Por Victoria Bravo

Where? Calle del Pinar, 15, Chamartín.

Comparte Bistró

This ‘paritana’ couple, she from Paris and he from Cádiz, arrived in the Las Salesas neighbourhood to elevate it, gastronomically speaking. Several tables, but only one bar overlooking the hustle and bustle of a real kitchen. Silence always rules, the only way to concentrate. Mario Sánchez has Berasategui, Ángel León and Dabiz Muñoz in his memories and in his skills: pringá cannelloni with velouté of their broth, artichokes with pickled free-range chicken or tuna bordelaise. Charlotte Finkel welcomes you with an open heart.

Por Victoria Bravo

Where? Calle Belén, 6.

Los 33

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find a table with less than three weeks to go. The fact is that Los 33 has arrived to cause a sensation once again, and we say once again because their success with Charrúa preceded them. As a good Uruguayan restaurant, the grill gives flavour to everything here, such as the unbeatable bikini with Havarti cheese, Javi Goya’s red peppers and caramelised peppers or -attention carnivores-, the hamburger on a plate, the entraña and the omnipresent Discarlux steak. Pure romanticism under candlelight.

Por Victoria Bravo

Where? Plaza Salesas, 9.