This is Ugo Chan, the T de Oro restaurant in Madrid that you have to visit

As a Epiphany present, we bring you a new gastro recommendation. This time the chosen restaurant is Ugo Chan in Madrid.

If this year the Three Kings have not been entirely good, you deserve to treat yourself to a quality gastronomic tribute with our route through the 18 restaurants that have won the Tapas Magazine T de Oro award. Today we suggest the restaurant Ugo Chan, which in just one year has already become a benchmark in the capital, winning over even Dabiz Muñoz.

Ugo Chan

Hugo Muñoz is one of those perennial smiles on the Madrid scene. With his sights always set on Japan, after captaining the proposals of strong gastronomic groups, he has established himself in his new ‘home’ shining with his own light, and what a joy. It opened barely a year ago and already boasts a Repsol sun in its interior, a place with a bar and tables. Her omakase – born from her passion for stews and recipes that draw on popular wisdom – has already become a benchmark: her fish of the day kizukuri with Getaria-style bilbaína, mussel sunomono, tripe gyoza madrileña style and a wine cellar that Leticia takes as good care of as she does of the dining room are just some of the reasons.

Written by: Victoria Bravo y Natalia Martínez

Madrid. Félix Boix, 6
913 50 65 78 / Web
Tasting Menu: 90-120 €

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