Where to try the best Spanish potato salad in Madrid

We make a route to try some of the delicious salads that you can taste in the capital. Which one do you choose?

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Undoubtedly, it is one of the queens of tapas. The Spanish potato salad occupies the tables of any bar, whether it is summer, autumn or winter. In fact, a few days ago we celebrated its world day and, although there are many variations and added ingredients depending on the proposal, this dish has something so characteristic that it is always a safe bet. As in Tapas we like a good gastro route -and if it is castiza much better-, we have selected some of the best places in Madrid where Spanish potato salads are delicious. Take note and whet your appetite.

La Cuchara

This take-away food store was the winner of the Best Spanish potato salad in Madrid contest, organized by the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Madrid (ACYRE). And there is no shortage of reasons for this award. In this home cooking house they prepare the Spanish potato salad with ‘old’ potatoes (which absorb the mayonnaise better). In addition, the characteristic touch is given by the sauce elaborated with the water of the piparras, the ventresca in conserve with the sunflower oil and its oil. The portion costs 13,50 €.
Where? 19 Mesón de Paredes Street and 20 Blasco de Garay Street.


Located in a former convent with an orchard of one hectare in the urban heart of El Pardo (Madrid), in this restaurant with a casual and familiar proposal, they serve the second best Spanish potato salad in the capital, in the contest organized by the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Madrid (ACYRE). Created by chef Carlos Jesús Ruiz, the key to this salad is its mayonnaise. Elaborated in two textures that blend together to provide a special air and lightness. One of them, the one on top, is more airy, infused with the oil from the confit of the ventresca on top. In addition, the base of the salad is formed by pickles, piparra, potato, egg and carrot, all topped with artichoke, green chili pepper and ventresca. The full portion costs 18 €.
Where? Av. de la Guardia, 21. 28048 Madrid


The bronze medal in the contest for the best Spanish potato salad in Madrid went to this restaurant that has been serving signature Andalusian cuisine in the capital for more than 10 years. Its Spanish potato salad stands out for incorporating chopped prawns from Sanlúcar and a pickled mayonnaise, aspects that give it that Andalusian accent that won over the jury. The price of the full portion is 22 €.
Where? At 106 Núñez de Balboa St., 28006 Madrid

La Parrilla de La Máquina

La Máquina has many hits on its menu, but the Spanish potato salad may take the cake. It is a dish that is served in all of the group’s restaurants and its recipe has remained intact since the first restaurant was opened. As with everything prepared in this restaurant, the quality of the product is essential, and it also includes tuna belly, potatoes, egg, green olives, bell pepper and mayonnaise. The portion costs 12 €.
Where? At 22 Jorge Juan Street (and at any of the premises of Grupo La Máquina).

Hermanos Vinagre

One of the queens of tapas deserves an authentic temple of the appetizer. And that is, without a doubt, Hermanos Vinagre. Their Spanish potato salad, which is served inside a matrioshka with no peas or carrots, is a spectacle. Also, if you accompany it with other portions such as their incredible pickled mussels, their marinated and fried ear or their gildas, among others. A plate of Spanish potato salad costs 6.5 €.
Where? At Narváez, 58; Gravina, 17; and Cardenal Cisneros, 26.

La Maruca

It is another of the favorite Spanish potato salads in the capital. This restaurant owned by Paco Quirós, founder of the Cañadío group, also has other highlights, such as the potato omelette. The price of the portion is 15 € and, if you try it, it will automatically become a must for your next visits.
Where? In Velázquez, 54; Paseo de la Castellana, 212; López de Hoyos, 42


If you are looking for a welcoming place with a simple proposal that recovers all the tradition, then you must try the Spanish potato salad of Kaldea, made with the best products and with a base in the root of this mythical recipe. It is a must in any meal, but you can complete the banquet with other outstanding proposals of the restaurant, such as the robellones, its iconic omelette, the torreznos or any of its stews. The whole portion of Spanish potato salad costs 16 €.
Where? Calle de Castelló 6, Madrid.

Bar Manero

Bar Manero has become the hotspot to go to when you need a good dose of tapas. The Spanish potato salad is one of its flagships and, although everyone likes it with a different touch, the red shrimp or tuna belly salad at Bar Manero is an almost obligatory choice.
Where? At Calle de Claudio Coello, 3