This is the new restaurant in Madrid inspired by the universe of Alice in Wonderland

What promises to become the new trendy buffet running sushi has just opened in Madrid.

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If you like to discover original restaurants and, in addition, you are a fan of the universe of Alice in Wonderland, prepare your palate because a place that will seem like a fantasy has just opened. It’s called Wonderland and, thanks to The Kaiten Lab, it immerses you in the magical universe of Lewis Carroll’s novel in the heart of Malasaña. With an Asian cuisine, it stands out for offering a buffet menu for 24.95 €, in which you can taste up to 33 “wonders”, including sushi, nigiri, tiger prawn tacos, Karaage chicken, tuna Wantum, Gunkan, duck bao or pulled pork.

But this new running sushi also offers a plan that goes beyond gastronomy and takes you to the dreamlike world of Alice, as soon as you cross the door which, by the way, is advertised as a Psychiatric Center. Inside, nothing is what it seems. In addition to encountering iconic characters from the novel such as the White Rabbit, its mirrors and checkerboard will transform your evening into an immersive experience in every sense.

The bathroom deserves a special mention, with an optical illusion on the floor and it looks like you are going to fall through the hole.

3 menus, but also a la carte

Wonderland’s greatest hits are its 3 menus. On the one hand, the Buffet that we mentioned at the beginning, for 24.95 € (drinks not included); the Alice Menu also stands out, for 34.95 €, which, in addition to the buffet, includes dessert and a cocktail. The most affordable is the Menu of the Day, available from Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner. It costs 14,50 € and includes 6 dishes from the menu, a drink and dessert or coffee.

Of course, the restaurant also offers the possibility to eat à la carte, where you can order any of the 33 “wonders” individually: from katsu rice with curry to Bahn bao needle. All dishes cost 5 €.

So if you are in the mood for a fantastic meal, never better said than that, check out this new hotspot of Asian buffets.

Where? At 5 Manuela Malasaña Street.