From 59 to 129 €: this is how much it costs to eat at each T de Oro that has won a Michelin star

We review each of the menus served in the new starred restaurants that also received the Golden T of Tapas Magazine a few weeks ago.

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The most festive time of the year is approaching and these special holidays also deserve a gastronomic tribute to match. Taking advantage of the fact that the new restaurants that will have a Michelin star in the coming year have been unveiled, and some of them are also brand new winners of the T de Oro de Tapas, we have compiled how much it costs to eat in each of them and what they serve in their menus (food pairing is usually separate, of course). Because it is difficult for so many experts to be wrong, here are the new gastronomic temples to take into account, ordered from lowest to highest price according to their menus.

The Al-Hayar Menu at Radis, for 59 €

We start this route of the stars visiting the restaurant Radis, in Jaén and T de Oro de Tapas in Andalusia during this 2023, to taste its Al-Hayar Menu, which costs 59 € (with drink and bread service apart). It bears this original name as a tribute to his beloved Pegalajar (town of Jaén). The menu consists of 9 courses and its intention is to recreate the dishes of a lifetime, those that were made before in the eating houses. The chef Juan José Mesa elaborates a sincere cuisine and roots, but giving it a renewed touch that is being very well received.

Among its delicacies, diners can try seasonal mushroom tartlets, a tomato and paprika taco with tartar of trout and its own roe, the oyster in citrus pickle or the Pan de leche, tartar of tomatoes and ear terrine, among others.

In addition, Juan José Mesa also offers another superior menu, called Radis, for 75 €, with the same name as the restaurant. Radis in French means ‘radish’ and in Pegajalar it is also used to refer to his family. So once again, the chef from Jaén fuses haute cuisine with sentiment and roots to make the evening much more special.

Where? Calle Tablerón 10, 23001, Jaén

Vandelvira’s Tasting Menu, for 75 €

We stayed in Jaén, which this year has put its gastronomy in the spotlight, to visit Vandelvira, winner of the T de Oro de Tapas award in Andalusia in the last edition. In this restaurant, located in the town of Baeza, its chef Juan Carlos García bets on haute cuisine recovering flavors and smells rooted in his land.

Here they serve a Tasting Menu for 75 € (drink not included), which consists of 15 courses, including elaborations and combinations such as chickpea tea; peppers, caviar and licorice; marrow and eggplant; black mole and black pudding; or shiitake and hazelnut custard, among others. Here is the complete menu.

This menu will provide you with a culinary experience on another level with all the essence of the most traditional after-dinner meals. In addition, they offer the possibility of adapting any dish according to allergies or intolerances.

Where? At Plaza San Francisco, 23440 Baeza (Jaén)

Bevir’s Fortunata Menu, for 85 €.

From Jaén we take a plane to travel directly to the Canary Islands, specifically to Las Palmas. The Bevir restaurant, T de Oro of Tapas in the Canary Islands this 2023, has two menus that pay homage to one of the most popular works of Benito Pérez Galdós (precisely the restaurant is located on the street named after the writer). Its philosophy is very clear: All vegetable garden, all sea. Its chef José Luis Espino and the whole team work to offer a seasonal, sustainable and sustainable cuisine to provide an unforgettable experience that combines the garden and the sea.

The most economical menu at Bevir is called Fortunata, with a price of 85 €, distributed in 11 passes that include dishes such as brioche, potatoes, bottled, beet, caviar or syrah; although the dishes may vary depending on seasonality or availability.

While, to complete the work of Galdós, the second menu they prepare is called Jacinta and costs 105 €. On this occasion it consists of 15 courses, and also includes pumpkin, pilpil or shrimp.

Where? At Escritor Benito Pérez Galdós, 43, 35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria.

Kabo’s seasonal menu, for 89 €.

In the restaurant Kabo, brand new T de Oro of Tapas Magazine of Navarra, they are also celebrating their new star. If you also want to celebrate with the chef Aaron Ortiz and the head waitress, Jaione Aizpurua, you can visit the restaurant located in Pamplona to taste its seasonal menu that costs 89 €.

Kabo’s culinary proposal is based on the concept of metamorphosis and constant transformation. Another of its bases are specialty crops. And everything gives rise to a journey through the five senses where enjoyment is a must.

To do so, it has a tasting menu that adapts to the season and the market. This autumn’s menu includes mushrooms, truffles, cauliflower and game. Divided into several phases, diners will be able to try delicacies such as Beltza mushroom, Guneko yolk and Martiko foie; glazed eggplant, Maskarada bacon and lime; creamy chicory, sardine, pear and rosemary; or venison, sausage, celeriac and hazelnut. Just reading it makes our mouths water, imagine tasting it.

Where? At Av. de Zaragoza, 10, 31003, Pamplona, Spain.

Marcos’ Lunch Menu, for 99 €.

Our penultimate stop takes us to Gijón, to Marcos restaurant, the T de Oro of Tapas in Asturias. Behind this concept is Marcos Granda, an expert in stars, who already has 7 stars spread over his 6 restaurants (in addition to Marcos, yesterday he also got another one in Toki, the omakase bar in Madrid).

In Marcos, opened less than a year ago, the chef in charge of the kitchen is Marcos Mistry. This restaurant is a commitment to traditional Asturian cuisine, with a special nod to the guisanderas and only serves 12 diners. It offers two menus, a lunch menu for 99 €, and another called A return to the essentials, for 129 €.

The midday menu is composed of 11 dishes, among which a welcome with an apple and carrot Pisco Sour; the starting signal with the Tartlet of rubiel, black sesame and piparra; to get into the meat we have the Grilled squid tagliatelle, ham consommé and its Chinese bread or the Cantabrian Rubiel and beurre blanc of mussels and fennel; and to finish, desserts such as Passion, pear and vanilla.

The 129 € menu offers 13 courses, including among others the Gazpachuelo of black garlic and smoked eel or an autumn cannelloni.

Where? At Cabrales Street, 76, 33201 Gijón, Asturias

The Alberche de Barro Menu, for 120 €

We close our review of the T de Oro that got their first star, visiting one of the revelation restaurants of this year. Barro, T de Oro de Castilla y León, is located in Ávila and its young team, led by Carlos Casillas, is very clear about things and has a concept very focused on quality, product and sustainable cuisine.

Focusing on the city of Avila, its gastronomic proposal advocates local products, commitment to the territory and a renewal of local tradition. Its Alberche Menu is a good example of this, becoming a tribute to the pantries of Ávila of yesteryear. Although it is constantly evolving, the menu consists of 15 courses and costs 120 €. Among the elaborations, diners can taste dishes such as mushroom kaiseki, prickly pear cannelloni stuffed with the meat of the claws, a crab stew with flowers or flower bread, among others.

Another hallmark of Barro is the liquid proposal. For this part, Casillas maintains a common thread linked to the land, with two types of pairings – “Armonía Raíz” or “Armonía Zarcillo”. And its cellar, which has almost 1,000 references, accommodates both local productions and international references. Its homemade fermented beverages also deserve a special mention.