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These days, Valencia turns to the celebration of ‘las fallas’, a festival that combines tradition, satire and art and that you should not miss. If you live in Valencia, or you are planning to visit this beautiful city to witness these peculiar celebrations, here are the best gastronomic recommendations that you have to visit during ‘las fallas’. None of them will disappoint you. Take note.


It is one of the winners of the T de Oro de Tapas Magazine award in the Valencian Community. The restaurant is run by Rakel Cernicharo, a young Valencian chef with an overwhelming and creative personality who dares to design different dishes, forceful and full of flavor. It has three menus/experiences: Fire, smoke and embers; but the undisputed protagonist of this season is the smoke. Cured, smoked, some subtle, others intense.

Carrer del Músic Peydró, 9, 46001 València, Valencia


We are in Lienzo, on which is stamped a Michelin star and a Sol repsol. María José Martínez is a born worker, always seconded by Juanjo Soria in the dining room, and it turns out that she has found the most flattering tonality for her cuisine. Years painting dishes with local and seasonal products, to finally round off her vegetable discourse and explode it with precise technique. Another of its singularities is the honey, because it comes from a family of beekeepers, which furrows its menu from the cannelloni snack to the honeycomb dessert.

Pl. de Tetuan, 18, Bajo Derecha, 46003 Valencia


Bernd Knöller always has a stitch to weave into the story of Valencia. After all, he is one of the oldest Michelin-starred chefs in the city, having earned it more than a decade ago. When this lanky German arrived in the city, back in the 1980s, everything was still to be done. He had problems stocking up at the Central Market, he encountered diners who didn’t understand haute cuisine and it was even difficult to vindicate Paquita Pozo as sommelier. She used to get on buses full of men to visit wineries. Through technique and perseverance, her melody has become a background sound and her cuisine has stood the test of time.

Carrer del Comte d’Altea, 18, 46005 València, Valencia


Toni Boix’s restaurant is a space of experimentation around rice, located in the heart of Valencia, where there is a lack of rehearsal points. The average ticket is also at the height of quality, but this is about dignifying the dish and dress it with the elegance it deserves. Good product to precede an excellent paella, usually thin layer, where technique and creativity converge. You can find from Valencian paellas, fideuás with sea bass and prawns, rice dishes with cocochas and artichokes, etc.

Carrer de la Creu Nova, 4, 46002 València, Valencia


In this coquettish and unique place, with eclectic decor, you can enjoy a casual and original cuisine featuring tasty gastronomic proposals from the five continents. On the menu you can find such tasty dishes as: Iberian ham croquettes, oxtail taco with avocado and corn, kebab-style lamb stuffed bao bread, mushroom, duck and foie rice, black rice with lace and tender garlic, the Valen&Cia hamburger, caramelized apple tart tatin with vanilla ice cream or nougat ice cream with toasted almonds, among others.

C/ de Sorní, 35, 46004 València, Valencia

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