These are the 11 restaurants that will lose their Michelin star in 2024

On the other side of the coin, there are also some restaurants that have lost this recognition. We reveal all the details.

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After the great gastronomic celebration that took place yesterday during the presentation of the Michelin Guide Spain 2024 in the Banquet Hall of the International Convention Center of Barcelona, where restaurants like Noor or Disfrutar emerged victorious ascending to the Olympus of the three stars, as well as six of our T de Oro and 25 more restaurants that got their first star, it is also time to analyze the other side of the night. Because there are some restaurants that have lost this prestigious recognition.

In total, 11 restaurants have been downgraded in the Guide, being stripped of that coveted star, although for different reasons. In Madrid, the victims have been the restaurant Gofio, of Canarian cuisine, and Lúa, of Galician cuisine.

For its part, Catalonia has also lost a star, the one held by La Cuina de San Simón, located in Tossa de Mar (Girona). Likewise, El Nuevo Molino, in Puente Arce (Cantabria) and El Lago, located in Marbella, have also been affected by the decisions of the Michelin inspectors.

El restaurante Arbidel ha cerrado sus puertas.

Some due to closures or chef changes

Other establishments have also lost their stars, although on this occasion for reasons such as their closure, in the case of Odeón Nazarío (Murcia), Zuberoa (Gipuzkoa) or Arbidel (Asturias). Another reason was a change of chef at Espacio N (Esquedas, Huesca), as the chef Eduardo Casanova left the restaurant to join Canfranc Express (which, paradoxically, won a star this year). Finally, something similar has happened to chef Andreu Genestra at the Capdepera restaurant: he has lost the star to the detriment of his new location, which has obtained it this year.

Only one restaurant that this year had two stars this year has seen this great recognition diminish to only one. This is the case of Angle, in Barcelona.