This is Omakase, Tapas Magazine’s T de Oro restaurant in Galicia that you must visit

Today we recommend this amazing Japanese restaurant in Coruña. Omakase is the brand new winner of the Golden T of Galicia.

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On our gastronomic route through the 18 winning restaurants of the Tapas Magazine Golden T, we are discovering a wide variety of quality culinary proposals. One of the most striking is the Omakase restaurant in A Coruña. Barely a year after opening, it is already a hotspot in Galicia.


A Japanese bar opened in July 2021 by the Amicalia Group, its name is truly descriptive, as it is an ‘omakase’ concept (the menu changes every day at this counter for 8 diners). With the very young sushiman Adrián Figueroa at the helm, there is a festival of nigiris prepared on the spot. With two types of rice for white or blue fish, the pieces of fish are matured for a few days in order to extract new nuances. Undoubtedly, the grand opening of the year 2021 in Galicia. The group from A Coruña adds another premiere: Osteria Peroni, an Italian restaurant with a shop, headed by Michele Peroni.

Written by: Marta Fernández Guadaño

A Coruña. Plaza de María Pita, 3
Menu: desde 45 €
Current/Japanese / Web

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