This is Arrea!, the Basque Country’s T de Oro restaurant that you have to try

Our gastronomic route ends in the best possible way: visiting the Arrea! restaurant in the province of Álava.

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The last of the 18 Tapas Magazine T de Oro restaurants that we had yet to visit was the Arrea! restaurant, located in Santa Cruz de Campezo, in the province of Álava. A gastronomic concept developed in the heart of Montaña Alavesa that you must visit.


Edorta Lamo is the spirit of Arrea! He arrives after running A Fuego Negro, a place he directed for 15 years, with a concept of local, rogue and fun pintxos. He now runs a restaurant where his know-how and that of the Alavese territory is the main focus, translated into a type of cuisine that has been recovered: furtive cuisine. All the dishes come from the past, told in dishes that contain game, fish or vegetables. Lamo cooks wisdom with a philosophy deeply rooted in the land. A tribute to the gilda, which is, in this case, with pigeon, the frozen rennet with ‘bread & herbs’, or the ‘fuá’ of brains and patxarán, complete the feast.

Written by: Mikel Zeberio – Aitzol Zugasti

Santa Cruz de Campezo, Álava. Subida al Frontón, 46
689 74 03 70 / Website
Daily Menu: €20. Tasting Menus: €40 and €95. Menu: €50. Bar y Kuadra: €30
Creative/Signature Cuisine

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