Lana del Rey caught working at a famous waffle chain

Some images of the singer working as a waitress at a well-known American waffle chain have gone viral. Career change or shooting a campaign/video clip?

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Many times big celebrities decide to change their professional path, abandon stardom and dedicate themselves to other jobs. A few days ago, a photograph of the singer Lana del Rey working as a waitress in a well-known American waffle chain went viral. The American artist appeared with the typical Waffle House uniform -with her nameplate included- serving in the premises as just another employee.

Some fans recognized Lana and captured images and videos of the artist at work, which obviously went viral very quickly. All kinds of theories have appeared on social networks about this peculiar situation. From the fact that the Summertime Sadness singer has decided to quit music to devote herself to other things, to the fact that she is shooting her next music video, or that she has even emulated Ben Affleck in Dunkin Coffee and will be starring in the next Waffle House campaign.

For the moment, Lana del Rey has not published anything about it. So we do not know exactly what is the reason for this new facet of the hitherto singer. Surely in the coming days the mystery will be unveiled.