This is Karak, the T de Oro restaurant in Valencia that you must visit

Our next gastronomic stop is in Valencia, at the Karak restaurant, an experience for the palate!

We continue with our gastronomic route and today we visit one of the winners of the Tapas Magazine T de Oro award in the Valencian Community: the Karak restaurant. A must-visit that will be a winning bet.


Karak is Rakel. Rakel is fearless. Few cooks are more self-taught, more faithful to their doctrine, more electric on the plate. And yet, she thinks about every mouthful and takes care of the details like no other, starting with the menus, which she paints herself in watercolours. On the menu, fun snacks, strong backgrounds and flavours like lightning. A salmon coloured black or a dripping chocolate bomb. He doesn’t use gluten or sugar: he prefers to complicate his life and make the processes healthier. Javi’s pairings are also based on natural wines. No risk, no gain. Without courage, there is no victory.

Written by: Almudena Ortuño

Valencia. Músico Peydró, 9
637 29 16 06 / Web
Menús degustación: 75, 85 y 100 €

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