Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods open a Sports Bar in New York City

The artist and the golfer have just launched a joint hospitality project in New York that combines sport, gastronomy and fun.

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The synergies between celebrities in the hospitality business are becoming more and more common. The latest opening has been that of Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods. It is a luxurious Sports Bar they have opened in New York that combines sport, gastronomy and fun. It is called T-Squared Social, is located near Bryant Park and Grand Central Station and has a 200-inch television, considered the largest indoor flat screen in New York City, as reported from the establishment itself, in addition to 25 other screens distributed throughout the premises.

As they say on their website, T-Squared Social is a new kind of dining and entertainment experience, born out of Timberlake and Woods’ dream to create a place where they can share moments of play, sports, music, entertainment and good food with friends and family.

Abundant menu and handcrafted cocktails

The restaurant has a gastronomic section with good food for you to enjoy sporting events with a foodie touch. There are recipes for all tastes: from gourmet dishes to typical bar snacks to watch a soccer match or any other event.

As for the liquid menu, T-Squared Social also has a long list of options, with craft cocktails such as the Smoked Old Fashioned or the Back 9 Hot Toddy, a wide variety of beers and, for the more sophisticated palates, there is the opportunity to toast with a $700 Dom Pérignon.

2,000 square meters of fun

The venue has 2,000 square meters dedicated exclusively to entertainment. Among other activities, attendees can have fun with several golf simulators, a bowling alley and darts games.

Although this Sports Bar can be accessed freely, you also have the option of paying for a membership that costs $250 per quarter. With this, members have access to benefits such as activity and seating reservations, fee waivers for private events and other exclusive advantages.