From Banderas to Sabina: 15 Spanish celebrities who own bars or restaurants

There are many occasions in which celebrities team up with each other to try their luck in something for which they are less known: restaurants.

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The most recognized figures in Spain dare to start new businesses thanks to the income they receive from their success in the world of music, cinema, or sports. They seek to diversify their investments or fulfill a dream or personal objective. In any case, there are many occasions in which they even associate with each other to try their luck in something for which they are less known: restaurants.

La Mordida

Almost 30 years of Mexican food in the heart of Madrid. There are 9 places that fill their plates with quesadillas, tacos and quesadillas from the North American country. In addition, it features live performances by mariachis, who sing typical Mexican music while the diner enjoys the flavors of that country. A business that continues to expand even though it has been in business for 28 years. And the creator of this franchise is the famous singer Joaquín Sabina along with his partner Julio Sánchez.


“Traditional Spanish recipes combined with touches of sophistication and innovation,” says Tatel’s official website. A restaurant that wants to export Spanish food around the world but, according to them, with “an international twist.” Several renowned athletes joined this gastronomic adventure, including Rafa NadalRudy Fernández, and Pau Gasol. But also the music star Enrique Iglesias.


“The reference Japanese restaurant in the Vallès Occidental”, is how they refer to themselves in Sugoi, a restaurant with very cured cuisine, with native chefs in which they seek to recreate the typical flavors of the Japanese country, such as sushi or tartare. One of the partners of this restaurant is the former synchronized swimmer, Gemma Mengual.


This is also a Japanese restaurant, but with surprises from traditional Spanish cuisine. Although you can find dishes that are completely typical of the Asian island. On their menu there are sashimi, usuzukuris, tartares, nigiris or tatakis. The chef of this restaurant is the Spanish José Osuna, but behind the business is the best-known face, the football player Mario Hermoso.

Naked and Sated

“Eat without regrets” is the motto proposed by Naked and Sated, since it offers a “real food” food menu, that is, healthy dishes whose ingredients are unprocessed, have no additives, and are fresh and quality. The partners of this restaurant are the soccer players Marcos Llorente and Ibai Gómez.


Naked and Sated is not the only restaurant that these two footballers own, Bombastic also, although it also has the support of another footballer, Marco Asensio. It is a grill, so Bombastic’s menu includes dishes such as meat, fish, rice, vegetables, and hamburgers.

Crêperie la Rue 

A Madrid place that has a Parisian air. This is La rue Creperie, a bar with eight years of history which has all kinds of crepes, with meat, fish, vegetarian, sweets,… Each one of them with its own name, among which are hidden the names of its owners: the actors Paco León, Fele Martínez, and Silvia Rey.

Tercer acto

The name of the restaurant already reveals the profession of its owner. It is located inside the Soho Theater in Malaga. It offers Mediterranean food fusion with Japanese cuisine and signature cocktails. Both the theater and his restaurant are owned by Malaga actor Antonio Banderas, who also owns other establishments in his hometown: Doña Inés, La barra de Doña Inés, Atrezzo, La Pérgola del Mediterráneo or El Pimpi.

La Huerta Funky Castizo

It is a 100% plant-based cocktail bar and restaurant, where you can enjoy anything from a salad, salmorejo, leeks or migas, pizza or meatless tacos. The business is run by actress Clara Lago together with her partner José Lucena and a third partner, Víctor Pinacho. These last two already had a restaurant, the older brother of the one they set up with Lago and called ‘La Tuerta Funky Castizo’.