We celebrate Chocolate Cake Day by tasting 8 of the best chocolate cakes in Madrid

We recommend you treat yourself to one of the 8 best chocolate cakes in Madrid. Take note!

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If just a couple of weeks ago we celebrated World Croquette Day, today we are celebrating another of our favourite desserts: chocolate cake. Every 27th of January this beloved sweet is honoured, whose first recipe was recorded in 1847 in Eliza Lesley’s ‘Ladies Recipe Book’. As we know that you have as much of a sweet tooth as we do and that you won’t settle for just any cake, we have compiled 8 of the best chocolate cakes in Madrid, so that you can take a cocoa-filled tour.

Double Chocolate Cake by Cristina Oria

The chocolate cake offered by Cristina Oria is a sponge cake with a second chocolate coating with honey and cream. It costs €27.99 and is one of the most popular cakes in Madrid.

Strawberry Chocolate Cake by Monroe Bakes

This list could not miss the chocolate creation of Noelia Tomoshigue, , winner of the Pastelero Revelación 2023 award at Madrid Fusión. At her place Monroe Bakes in Getafe, you can order delicacies such as this spectacular chocolate cake with strawberries, which costs €60 and serves 8-10 people.

Chocolate cake by LEÑA

This creamy chocolate and toasted hazelnut tart from Leña restaurant is one of those mouth-watering cakes. If you go to eat at Dani García’s restaurant, you should definitely make time to try this exquisite dessert. The portion costs €13 and it’s well worth it.

The Sacher tarta by Chantilly Pâtisserie

This bakery located in the Salamanca neighbourhood has been making exquisite handmade pastries and delicious cakes for almost 30 years. Their speciality is the legendary tarta capuchina, but for chocolate lovers they have delicious options such as this Sacher cake or the Black Forest cake.

Chocolate cake by Vanille Bakery Lab

This bakery in the Chamberí neighbourhood has a 100% artisan chocolate cake that is a hit with its customers. It is made with two moist Valrhona chocolate sponge cakes and, in between, it has a red fruit coulis made on the premises. You can buy the whole cake for €29.90.

La Mejor Tarta de Chocolate del Mundo

This place, originally from Portugal, offers one of the best cakes, living up to its name. It is a flourless, leaven-free recipe made with Valrhona, a French high-end chocolate confectionery. It has layers of sigh and mousse. You can order it in different sizes from €25.

Chocolate cake by Estimar

One of the most popular desserts at Rafa Zafra and Anna Gotanegra’s restaurant, which also has a restaurant in Barcelona. Although everything related to the sea is the restaurant’s speciality, here you can order their spectacular cake prepared with a 75% cocoa mousse on a biscuit base and a top layer of cocoa, nougat and salt. The portion costs 12 €.

Chocolate cake by La Duquesita

Made by master pastry chef Oriol Balaguer, one of the most prestigious pastry chefs, at La Duquesita you can try many of his most famous creations. The Duquesita Texture Cake is a chocolate mousse and creamy chocolate praline crunch, which will soon also be available in their online shop.

If this list is too short for you, here are 5 more chocolate cakes for those with a sweet tooth.