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The cocktail maker’s guide to basic utensils

Are you getting started in the world of cocktail making? If you want to impress your friends at a party, we recommend you take good note of the following tips.

To prepare a good cocktail you will need three things: skillfulness, good ingredients and…good working utensils.

Cocktail glass. Presentation is everything when preparing a cocktail, that is why not just any container is suitable. It needs to be in harmony with the product itself.

Sommelier knife. Close in shape to a swiss army knife, it allows for the opening of different bottles, including wine and beer bottles.

Cocktail shaker. With a standard shaker you have more than enough to get started with. You can find this in any specialised shop.

Spiral spoon. You’ve probably seen it used for gin and tonics, it’s mainly used to mix the ingredients in the cocktail.

Measuring utensils. Used to determine the right mix of ingredients. The “shot glass” is the most commonly used, which is also good for preparing cocktails served in the form of shots.