The world’s best panettone is still Italian

The version from Claudio Gatti's bakery has won the prize in the new edition of the world panettone championship.

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Traditional Italian gastronomy continues to be recognised worldwide through awards such as this prize dedicated in 2023 to the president of the Accademia Maestri del Lievito Madre, Claudio Gatti, captain of the Italian group made up of three great pastry chefs and panettone experts, including Aniello di Caprio and Giuseppe Mascolo.

The ‘Panettone World Championship‘, held in Milan, once again pays tribute to the world’s most famous Italian leavened product, which this year has been given the best possible version by the Italian team. This is how the jury decided, awarding it three prizes: best classic panettone, best chocolate panettone and best innovative savoury panettone.

Beyond demonstrating the Italian art of panettone, the other teams also glimpsed the technical evolution of this complicated creation -due to its structure and slow production- as Japan demonstrated, winning the silver medal for the best savoury panettone and Argentina the bronze medal for the best innovative packaging.

The Spanish panettone

However, despite not being at the top this year, the Spanish team, made up of panettone experts such as Ton Cortés and Rafa Aguileraby, won five prizes in different categories: second best chocolate panettone, third best classic panettone inspired by bread with tomato and ham, best teamwork, best table and best presentation dossier.

In addition to these winning teams, other countries such as Poland, Germany, Taiwan, France and Poland also took part in the competition, in which they had to make a classic Italian panettone with candied fruit, another with chocolate and a third one that was savoury and innovative.

The preparation of the panettones took place throughout the week in Verona, leaving the grand tasting by the jury, chaired by Thierry Bamas and Luca Mannori, at the Milanese premises for the final.