What are the differences between Panettone and Pandoro?

We decode the inequalities between the two icons of Italian Christmas gastronomy.

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As the chef of the Davvero restaurant expresses in an Instagram video, panettone and pandoro do not share as many similarities as it seems; beyond their Christmas symbolism or some ingredients such as eggs, butter and yeast, as well as their intricate preparation and exquisiteness.

Panettone, on the other hand, is shaped like a dome and comes from Milan. They are different in that panettone is made with sultanas or candied fruit, while pandoro, which originates from Verona, is made with a smooth dough with mascarpone cream and is sculpted in the shape of an eight-pointed star.

In addition, the latter has a higher proportion of butter, which influences the texture of the dough, and is topped with icing sugar, which evokes snow on the mountain.

Another major difference between the two is their popularity. Panettones are infinitely more popular than pandoros, the authentic golden bread that was once served at the tables of the nobility.