These are the restaurants that our Guide recommends for dining in Toledo during the Forbes10Years celebration

The Forbes 10 event moves this time to Toledo and we select the restaurants that appear in our Guide to eat in the capital of Castilla-La Mancha during this day.

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On the occasion of the X Anniversary of Forbes in Spain, the team is making a tour throughout the national geography through interesting Master Class and talks. On this occasion, the team travels to the city of Toledo to carry out a Forbes Master Class that will be given by the digital strategist Andrew Davis on November 23rd at the Cigarral del Ángel (Carretera de la Puebla de Montalbán S/N, 45004 Toledo).

This special day will also include the institutional presence of Mr. Emiliano García-Page, president of the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, who will have a talk with Andrés Rodríguez, president of SpainMedia, editor and director of Forbes Spain and Tapas Magazine, about the new challenges facing Castilla-La Mancha.

So if you are going to Toledo these days, in our new Guide to Eat and Drink Spain powered by Viña Pomal you will find the best restaurants all over Spain to discover during 2023/24. Here are the highlights of Toledo, but if you want to know them all, you can buy it for 19,99 € by clicking on this link or at your nearest newsstand.


Iván Cerdeño proposes a gustatory stroll through the landscape and history of Toledo, with its dry orchards, its mountains, its banks of the Tagus and the culture of the people who have passed through Toledo with an exquisite confectionery. All this in an exceptional location. Traditional flavors with an innovative aesthetic in the different menus with proposals such as herb soup, seasoned eels, pickled fish, red partridge or roe deer from the Montes de Toledo. Annika Escudero and the sommelier Maikel Rodríguez achieve a real show of pairing.

Written by Blanca García Henche.

Toledo. Cigarral del Ángel
Ctra. de la Puebla, s/n
925 22 36 74 • Website

Tasting Menu: 85, 120, 140 y 170 €
Owners: Iván Cerdeño
Sommeliers: Annika Escudero y Maikel Rodríguez


Chef José Manuel Gallego is tradition and new trends. It is funds, stews and game. The dishes of this Toledo restaurant represent the environment: morteruelo cannelloni, cod in tempura and tiznao, pickles, stews or croquettes of Iberian ham and sheep’s milk. In addition to the award-winning Manchego cheesecake. In the wines, Oscar Riaguas discovers rarities every month among the almost 200 references -20 of them by the glass- from local producers as well as from the rest of Spain and the world.

Written by Blanca García Henche.

Toledo. Tendillas, 3
925 22 59 25 • Website

Tasting Menu: 30 €. Menu: 45 €
Owners: Diego Férreo, Carlos Muñoz y Adolfo Muñoz Sommelier: Oscar Riaguas


In the current panorama of haute cuisine in Castilla-La Mancha, Víctor Sánchez Beato’s proposal stands out from the rest. The diner does not know the menu beforehand and is surprised to find this bar for 16 diners, inspired by the Japanese bars where cooking is done in front of the customer. Haute market cuisine, with dishes such as pepitoria dim sum, Iberian bacon nigiri, stew soup made with chickpeas and chickpeas made soup, partridge ravioli, venison with roasted Almagro eggplant or marzipan and passion fruit coulant. Oloroso wines and curiosities from Castilla-La Mancha.

Written by Blanca García Henche.

Toledo. Alamillos del Tránsito, 9
677 87 96 33 Website
Tasting Menu: 55 €
Creativa/De mercado
Owner: Víctor Sánchez

And now you know, if you want to know the best restaurants in Spain this 2023/24, get our new Guide to Eat and Drink Spain powered by Viña Pomal. You can buy it for €19.99 by clicking on this link or at your nearest newsstand.