These are the gastro changemakers of 2023, according to Forbes

As every year, Forbes makes a list of those professionals who will stand out in 2023 for their ability to transform reality and lead civil society -with their vision and work- towards a brighter future. We have compiled the ‘changemakers’ of the gastro world.

Sira Mogas

Founder and CEO, KOA Biotech

They reduce fish farm production losses by monitoring for infectious pathogens, promoting stable, safe and chemical-free production.

Francesc Font

Incapto Co-founder

Quality alternative to coffee in capsules. It promotes its consumption with a subscription model, together with an automatic coffee maker that allows the consumption of freshly ground coffee, without generating waste.

Julián Fernández y Vicente González

Fossa Systems Founders

They offer connectivity solutions to companies in sectors such as agriculture, livestock, energy, infrastructure or cybersecurity. Monitor assets and control processes.

Juan García Sánchez

Exponentia CEO

They develop tools to generate high-value technological solutions aimed at large companies in the agri-food, industrial and fintech sectors. Forbes Innovation Award.

Ángel León

Aponiente Founder

He leads an R+D+i laboratory from his pioneering restaurant in marine products (such as sea cereal), where his team researches how to achieve a diet based exclusively on ingredients from the ocean.

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