Nombres propios

Nathy Peluso teams up with Jordi Roca to create a dessert inspired by his new album

Name one more iconic duo.

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Jordi Roca and Nathy Peluso have just starred in one of the most surprising and irreverent ‘featurings’ of the year. A creative collaboration that they unveiled last night through a video in which the pastry chef can be seen together with the artist making a very special ‘chocotorta‘.

The talent of Roca and Peluso -and the emotional background of their works- are now diluted in this dessert inspired by his new studio album entitled ‘GRASA’. The two come together through pastry to create an experimental version of the ‘chocotorta’ with all its ingredients: ‘soaked biscuits, a foam from that flavour, dulce de leche, chocolate, coffee cream, coffee granita, very fine chocolate tiles, GRASA and a lot of love’.


🍫 & 🍰 Una chocotorta muy especial, interpretada, con todos sus ingredientes, las galletas remojadas, una espuma a partir de ese sabor, dulce de leche, chocolate , crema de café, granizado de café, tejas de chocolate muy finas, GRASA y mucho cariño. Cariño el que derrocha @Nathy Peluso y que juntos elaboramos este maravilloso postre que es a la vez un homenaje a ella, una persona que brilla con luz propia que derrocha talento, genialidad y alegría, también en la cocina!, gracias por el buen rato que pasamos juntos. A comerse el mundo de postre 🚀🫶💫🎊💙

♬ sonido original – Jordi Roca

The affection that @nathypeluso wastes and that together we made this wonderful dessert that is also a tribute to her, a person who shines with her own light, who wastes talent, genius and joy, also in the kitchen, thank you for the good time we had together. A comererse el mundo de postre’, read Jordi Roca’s notes on Instagram, alluding to the connection he felt with the Argentinean rapper in the kitchen. To which Nathy replied effusively: ‘EL MÁS CAPO DEL MUNDO’.