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This is Jordi Roca’s reinvention of the chocolate coulant

The pastry chef masterfully reinterprets one of the most ‘mainstream’ desserts in the world.

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In Jordi Roca‘s ‘sweet life’ there are plenty of creative desserts, beyond his favorite ‘Láctic‘. In fact, the dessert chef has just shared one of them in a video in which he illustrates his experimental version of the ‘most copied in the world’ global cuisine classic. And that’s the chocolate coulant by French chef Michel Bras of BRAS Officiel restaurant.

‘Also known as fondant, chocolate volcano, and more synonyms for what is genius,’ he expresses in the write-up accompanying the culinary process. It is a hot chocolate dessert that keeps inside a fluid and creamy cream or sauce: a coulant from which the Catalan was inspired when cooking his own tribute to the famous recipe of the culinary figure Bras, which he would incorporate into the menu of El Celler de Can Roca in 2004.

In the chef’s own words, ‘the original coulant is composed of two recipes, one which is the inside, a chocolate emulsion that is frozen and put in a cylindrical mold to fill with the dough of a “sponge cake” and when baked the outer mass is cooked and the inside is liquid, when broken with the spoon….. Umm.’

Roca then reinvented that work of pastry making a version in parts: a brownie sponge cake at the base, a very thin cookie on the outside and a hot chocolate foam inside that accompanies with ginger ice cream and cocoa sauce. This is ‘a different way of presenting what is a tribute to this great chef’.