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Jordi Roca delves into the symbolism of his favourite dessert, ‘Láctic’

This work of pastry-making evokes one of Roca’s most memorable sensory memories.

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In a conversation with Tasting Table, the pastry chef wanted to share the meaning behind ‘Láctic‘, the scientifically inspired dessert he is most proud of. It is one of his extraordinary creations that he devised in 2003 for El Celler de Can Roca, the three-Michelin-starred restaurant he co-directed with his brothers.

To design this experimental dessert, he was inspired by molecular gastronomy, using scientific techniques to obtain new flavours and textures based on milk, which he fused with different dairy products manipulated in various different ways.

Jordi told the media outlet about the culinary process he followed when developing it: ‘I tasted a Ripollesa sheep’s milk – which is a breed native to our area that gives a sweet and very creamy milk – and with it I set out to make a dessert that would result in a base of dulce de leche made with this milk, a ricotta ice cream made with this milk, [and] a whipped cream made with this ricotta’.

Roca also includes guava sorbet in the dish in which the Ripollesa milk stands out. We serve it with a piece of paper scented with an essential oil of sheep’s wool so that customers can smell it as they eat it’.


Postre láctico, un postre galáctico de @cellercanroca desde el 2003, (hace 20 años!🫣) Hacemos un “perfume” de lana de oveja, envasamos lana de oveja ripollesa com acetato al vacío, durante 12h, colamos y destilamos en el roto vapor al vacío, el aroma lo reservamos para acompañar el plato, (no se come! Solo se huele) servimos un dulce de leche de oveja ripollesa, unas gotas de confitura de Guayaba, unas gotas de yogur de oveja, una espuma de requesón de oveja, un helado de leche de oveja, más espuma de requesón, una nube de azúcar, unas láminas de nata de leche de oveja deshidratada. Y a comer acercando la cuchara en todo el plato que tiene una acústica muy particular que nos recuerda al cascabel de las ovejas. 🐑. #cellercanroca #cellerdecanroca #postrelactic #jordiroca #deserts #postres #llet #leche #oveja

♬ La Vaca Lola – El Reino Infantil

Beyond the empirical result, this galactic dessert, which is still one of the essentials on the menu at El Celler, has a poetic and emotional background behind it: ‘There is a personal story related to the smell of baby that my nephews had, if you smell a baby’s head, it smells of milk and caramel, sweet milk’.