Hailey Bieber shares her favourite recipe of 2023

Framed in its carousel of highlights from the past year.

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Hailey wanted to virtually share her top moments of 2023 through ten snapshots she posted on New Year’s Eve.

Among key elements such as products like icing milk or liquid highlighter as her ‘favourite beauty trick’, her favourite nails or her favourite wellness tip, Rhode‘s creative director also wanted to put the spotlight on her favourite recipe through a post with a photo of cinnamon rolls.

So, in between those stylish looks and her travel adventures, the well-known amateur chef and food lover dedicated an image to her favourite snacks including Krispy Kreme and cinnamon rolls.

Unsurprisingly, her husband Justin Bieber also made an appearance in the collage, as well as her dogs Piggy Lou and Oscar. ‘Such a special and amazing year,’ Bieber wrote at the end of the memory lane on his Instagram story. ‘Ready for you 2024’.