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Hailey Bieber’s ice cream is now available across the US

Strawberry Glaze by Cosmic Bliss and Hailey Bieber will be available at Sprouts shops nationwide.

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The strawberry ice cream created by Bieber first existed in the form of a ‘Strawberry Glaze Skin‘ shake that would be launched at L.A. luxury grocer Erewhon in 2022. Her pink iteration, originally launched to promote her Rhode skincare line, was made with almond milk, dates, vanilla-flavoured collagen, sea moss, coconut cream, maple syrup, hyaluronic acid, strawberries, avocado, vanilla stevia and a homemade strawberry glaze.

It was such a smashing success that Cosmic Bliss wanted to reinvent it with the founder of Rhode Skincare into an ice cream with the same flavour; packaged in frozen pints with other flavours such as coconut and vanilla made with organic, certified organic ingredients.

Well, Hailey Bieber’s ice cream universe has just expanded, and from now on, Cosmic Bliss’ Strawberry Glaze ice cream pints will be available in Sprouts shops nationwide, and will combine her three flavours of coconut (milk, syrup and cream!), strawberries, strawberry swirl and vanilla extract.

‘I’m thrilled that Cosmic Bliss is expanding its partnership with Hailey and OBB to bring its Strawberry Glaze flavour nationwide,’ HumanCo founder and CEO Jason H. Karp tells PEOPLE. ‘With this nationwide launch, we hope to create widespread awareness around the current state of our American food system and how it’s possible to find joy in good things, while living a healthier, more sustainable life.’