The ‘dinners with wineries’ are coming to the restaurant Amós by Jesús Sánchez

These gastronomic encounters with prestigious wineries will start on June 15 with Bodega Emilio Moro. We tell you all the details.

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Lovers of good wine and haute cuisine are in luck because the ‘Dinners with wineries’ are coming to the restaurant Amos Rosewood Villa Magna. They will be unique encounters with prestigious wineries and the gastronomic proposal of the renowned chef Jesús Sánchez. The first date takes place on June 15 and will be hosted by Javier Moro, President of Bodega Emilio Moro. There is also another date confirmed for July 5 with Bodegas Vega Sicilia.

At each dinner, an expert, sommelier or winemaker from each of the wineries will participate so that diners can learn about the characteristics, history and secrets behind these iconic wines. For example, the dinner with Vega Sicilia will feature Xavier Thuizat, France’s Best Sommelier 2022 and Sommelier of Rosewood Europe.

Bodegas Vega Sicilia.

For these special occasions, Chef Jesús Sánchez, known for his passion for creative cuisine and his ability to surprise diners, has designed a special menu with dishes carefully prepared to highlight flavors and textures. The food will go in perfect harmony with the selected wines. “We hope to provide our diners with an unforgettable culinary and wine experience where every bite and every sip is a work of art in itself,” said the chef at Amós.

Two very special menus

For the ‘Cena con bodega’ on June 15, Jesús Sánchez has created a menu that will be paired with four iconic references: El Zarzal, La Revelía, La Felisa and Malleolus. A proposal that includes dishes such as crab tartlet with pasiega butter, fine sardine coca with basil, walnuts and chickpea salad, mushroom and duck aspic with essential broth of chickpeas and smoked eel or hake with its pil pil, seaweed and codium air, among others. The price of this menu is 127 € (liquors not included).

For the July 5 date with Bodegas Vega Sicilia, this exclusive menu will be paired with five jewels of the winery: Oremus Furmint Mandolás 2020, Alión 2019, Valbuena 5o Año 2018, Vega-Sicilia Unico 2013 and Oremus Aszú 2016. And you will be able to taste dishes such as pâté of pickled mussels and tomato powder, Amós omelette, tuna cheek and Picón Bejes Tresvis cheese or mushroom and duck aspic with essential broth of chickpeas and smoked eel, among other delicacies. On this occasion, the price of the menu will be 300 € (liquors not included).

Where? At the Rosewood Villa Magna Hotel, Paseo de la Castellana 22 (Madrid).