Nombres propios

Dabiz Muñoz reinterprets the ‘carrillera’ in a GoXO style

The best chef in the world reinvents this classic of national gastronomy to present his experimental version.

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Within the universe of imaginative homemade food at GoXO, a new dish created by Dabiz Muñoz is now introduced: the ‘Curry de carrillera de Vaca Gallega‘. A recipe that he wanted to share with all his community of followers and amateur chefs on Instagram.

This yellow curry is a roller coaster without brakes and is now available to freak out really, really hard,’ read the post notes accompanying the carousel of images inscribed with the ingredients needed to make it.

The ingredients to elaborate it are the following: Galician beef cheek, yellow curry of mirasol chili, fresh herbs, pack choy, edamame and crispy sushi rice. All this is combined in a precise and balanced way in what looks like an exquisite Galician beef stew; which he shows in a close-up at the end of the gastronomic series.