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GOXO is reborn with an innovative menu, brand and design website

Dabiz Muñoz has just materialised the new radicalised vision of his haute cuisine delivery restaurant.

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GOXO‘s radical change begins with the reinvention of its menu with new dishes and flavours with which the Xef brings haute cuisine to the table at home. In addition to the culinary additions, the restaurant has updated its website with a much more aesthetic and functional virtual space where you can discover all the details of all its dishes to stimulate all five senses.

After four years of history, Dabiz Muñoz has reimagined the GOXO universe with creative and subversive recipes that reflect the ‘pure wild hedonism’ that it represents. He presents a new proposal with a total of 18 new dishes that can be enjoyed through Glovo in Madrid.

The new GOXO stars

The best chef in the world delights us with star dishes such as his Red Curry of Shrimps and Prawns made from a Thai curry with prawns, prawns, packchoy and stewed potatoes. Another highlight is the Malaysian-style Baby Back Ribs with Duroc pork ribs grilled for 12 hours over vine shoots and seasoned with a sweet and sour Malay barbecue sauce, black garlic and fine herb oil.

Another highlight is the Laksa Singapore Prawns: a smooth coconut soup with sambal paste, along with steamed prawn dumplings, shimeji mushrooms and prawn bread. Another standout dish is the Salmon Poke Ramen version of ramen noodles with sesame and citrus dressing, salmon marinated in kimchi ponzu, edamame and Chinese chives.

Reinventing the classics

Muñoz has also presented his own reinterpretation of the Cheeseburger Ssam making a ‘Texas-Korea’ connection. A dish that combines charcoal-grilled aged beef with super melted cheddar cheese, XO tartar sauce and Thai green mojo with fresh herbs and iceberg lettuce.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Dabiz has added the Cajun-style crawfish chili crab to the menu, which comes with grilled frankfurter sausages, low temperature eggs, Cajun corn with toasted butter, La Vera paprika and spring onions.

Finally, Dabiz reinvents one of GOXO’s most legendary dishes: Pad Thai with an iteration of bacon roasted for 48 hours, accompanied by sweet and sour sauce with tamarind, tortilla skin, wok-fried vegetables and crispy Cadiz shrimps.

To finish, the chef includes wok fried rice with trumpets of death, made with fried rice and free-range Galician chicken eggs; and crispy duck and crab rolls, made with thin rice noodles and kimchi stir-fry with mango chilli sauce.