Nombres propios

Jennifer Garner shares her most treasured recipe from her childhood

A nostalgic dish that reminds you of summer.

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In the recipe video shared on Instagram, Garner proved once again that her ‘culinary fiction’ seems to have been relegated to a non-existent plane. She has once again demonstrated her real skills in the kitchen alongside her mother Patricia Ann “Pat” Garner to share one of her favourite recipes from her childhood.

The dish actually becomes a tribute to her grandmother, who was the creator. ‘#PretendCookingShow: Grandmom Corn 🌽 My sisters and I grew up on this corn, it tastes like summer. I make mine without sugar and it seems to go down well, although of course my kids prefer it when the queen herself makes it. We love grandma. The leftovers are great for tomorrow’s salsa’, she says in the post.

The recipe for creamed corn, which Jen’s grandmother first adapted from her neighbour Marge Aldredge of West Virginia, is made with somewhat imprecise measurements such as ‘8 ears of corn, 3/4 cup water, 1/4 cup butter (though Jen herself believes it needs “less”), 2 tablespoons sugar (also optional, according to Jen), salt and pepper to taste, 1/2 cup milk and 2 tablespoons flour.’


1. Cut your kernels off of your cobs. Just the tips of the kernels so they get tender. Pat says you must remember to scrape the cobs!
2. Add kernels and water to a skillet and cook over medium high heat. Salt and pepper to taste while tenderizing.
3. Mix flour and milk together to form a slurry (Pat just calls this “Milk & Flour”). Once kernels are a little more than al dente, add slurry. You probably don’t need all of the slurry, just enough to thicken it. We used half. (JG says you could also just make half of what is called for and go from there 😂).
4. Cook for a minute or two more, until fully incorporated and creamy.
5. YUM. (JG says this step is very difficult to screw up. Grandmom Corn is yum).

In the video, Garner and his mother go through the recipe step by step, interspersed with funny banter. At the end of the episode, Jen and Pat taste their prized creamed corn recipe. This is really good, thanks mum,’ Jennifer says.