The wonderful name of the new brand of ice cream by Cher

The singer is going to launch her own brand of ice cream, whose name has not gone unnoticed. And what's more, they look very good.

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A star as iconic as Cher could not name her new ice cream brand anything else as original. The 77-year-old singer is launching Cherlato, a brand of ice cream whose name is a fun play on words that, of course, has caused a sensation on social networks. Cher posted the news through an Instagram video, in which she explained that it was something “real” and was a project that had been in the works for the past five years.

Although for the moment the singer has not given many more details about her new venture, according to some fan pages, behind this project is also Giapo Kitchen, an Australian ice cream brand that will be in charge of supplying Cher’s cherlatos.

After years of working together to source fresh ice cream, partnering with California farmers and artisans who also share a passion for quality and sustainability, they seem to have succeeded in crafting star quality ice cream like Cher.

It is not yet known when they will begin to be marketed, but according to some fans on social networks, Cherlato‘s van is already on the streets of Los Angeles unveiling these new ice creams. In addition, both on the singer’s Instagram and on the brand’s Instagram, they have shared images with some of the flavors that will be available. And the truth is that they look really good, we can’t wait to try these cherlatos!