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AMBUSH reimagines the future of Coca-Cola through fashion

The brand and designer Yoon Ahn present a capsule collection revolving around the latest Coca-Cola Y3000 flavor.

Click here to read the Spanish version.

AMBUSH answers the question of what Coca-Cola would look like in the year 3000 through experimental design with an exclusive range of T-shirts and accessories that evoke the aesthetics of the new carbonated soft drink ‘Y3000 Zero Sugar‘ made with the help of artificial intelligence.

The Korean designer rescues from the AMBUSH archive jewelry pieces inspired by cans, canned tabs and found objects from about five years ago, revisiting her own DNA as a reference to create the silver necklace with a canned Coca-Cola tab.

Beyond the necklace, the designer remasters the futuristic drink through other designs: a white T-shirt with a small printed iridescent image that seems to disintegrate with Coca-Cola; with a backside stamped with the words ‘Taste the Future‘ printed in bold letters.

Along the same lines, Yoohn designs another sequined T-shirt in which he invokes a sense of AI in real life with light impinging around it.

The AMBUSH collection will be available starting October 17 at and select Ambush Workshop stores.