Why do some Coca-Cola bottles have a yellow cap?

A variant that is only available for a limited time during the year.

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If there is a colour associated with the Coca-Cola universe, it is red, as a representative shade of its graphic and visual imagery. However, and although very few people know it, yellow also identifies some of its caps when the spring season blooms. The reason? Passover.

The yellow caps symbolise the kosher Passover certification of the Orthodox Union, which works with companies to ensure that foods meet the standards detailed in the Torah and codes of Jewish law.

That is, the corn syrup-free concoction is synchronised with the Jewish holiday in order to comply with its dietary restrictions. As such, the drink’s recipe swaps corn syrup for sugar, symbolising its bottles to mark that difference since 1935: the time when Rabbi Tuvia Geffen worked with the company to reinstate a limited run of the original recipe at Passover time, so that Jews celebrating the holiday could continue to enjoy it.