Has Kim Kardashian starred in Coca-Cola’s biggest ever subliminal campaign?

This curious conspiracy emerges on the internet like Coca-Cola's fizzy soda bubbles.

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Kim has glimpsed her long-term – and even eternal – relationship with the stimulant drink on countless occasions, without ever officially declaring her advertising deal.

Two ubiquitous brands or products with a powerful global impact come together in the same bubble of fanaticism, as a shared obsession that continues to be preached by the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan, neither of whom have ever announced their association with the brand.

However, all their followers or devotees will already know that this family does not miss a capitalist beat. Their every step, act and move seems to follow scenes from their real-life reality show, constantly blurring the fine line between reality and fiction.

Given that so much of Kim Kardashian‘s existence is a carefully crafted advertisement, online users have long speculated that Kim and her family circle could be carrying out covert advertising for Coca-Cola. A conclusion they have reached after deciphering all the clues and evidence that the clan has been projecting in the fashion archive, on their show and on the vastness of the internet.

The promotion seems to be obvious: Kim posts Coke bottles in her Instagram stories, Khloe mentions ‘Diet Coke’ in an episode of The Kardashians, while Kendall Jenner carries a can of Coke very prominently in paparazzi photos.

That thesis is made even stronger in images like the one of Kourtney and Travis Barker in front of a Coca-Cola machine, with its framed neon logo.

Does Kim have a secret deal with Coca-Cola?

Beyond the paparazzi captures, things get really interesting when you consider how Kim has integrated Coca-Cola into saleable projects: from magazine covers to photo shoots for her own SKIMS brand. Coke is now strategically positioned in the commercial frame, as in a KKW Beauty shoot in which Kim delicately sips Diet Coke.

Kim has even introduced ‘her product’ in external campaigns or editorials such as the one she did for the 2022 issue of 032c magazine, with an image showing little Kim dancing on the outstretched arm of big Kim. In it, the cans of Coca-Cola and Diet Coke are ‘camouflaged’ on the floor among the chromatic identity of the magazine and the outfits she wears.

Then came Kim‘s GQ FW23 cover featuring Cheetos in the limelight, but coexisting in the same shoot with an image of the star in business woman mode with a can of Diet Coke resting coyly on her desk.

The silver Diet Coke soft drink can shines in all these scenes, with a hidden but at the same time very visible position for the analytical generation of the internet. And, although there are no official statements about their commercial relationship, everything seems to point to the fact that both Kim and the brand have been involved in one of the biggest subliminal campaigns in history.