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An Asian Tiktoker reveals the secret of Chinese food in Spain

Yang is an Asian TikToker with more than 80,000 followers on the video social network. Its content is focused on showing the day-to-day of his store and showing gameplay while he works

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Yang is an Asian TikToker with more than 80,000 followers on the video social network. Its content is focused on showing the day-to-day of his store and showing gameplay while he works. All of this is told with a tone of humor that is characteristic of his account.

Because of his success, he has been interviewed on the podcast ‘La previa de Skain‘. The TikToker spoke about his life and Chinese culture for several minutes of the interview. And among other things, he told a reality that few know about Chinese restaurants in Spain.

And it is that, as Yang says, the typical food that Chinese restaurants serve in Spain is not the one that they eat on the premises of their country. «It doesn’t exist«, the TikToker claims.

It was an answer to the question from one of the hosts, who said he had heard how the food «that we eat in Spain» is not the same as what they eat «in China». Given this, the Asian replied that indeed, Chinese restaurants «are all Spanishized«.

They don’t eat spring rolls, or «lemon chicken or chicken with almonds,» he stresses, «that doesn’t exist in China.» Neither does the rice three delights since Yang affirms that «if you go to a restaurant, they don’t sell that there». You can only find it «if you go to a friend’s house» or if you do it at home because «it can be done in a second.»