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Seven gastronomic trends that you need to experience this September

BERLIN, GERMANY - APRIL 11: A visitor holds a steamed bun of maple-glazed pork belly with pickled red cabbage on the first day of Street Food Thursday at the Markthalle Neun market hall in Kreuzberg district on April 11, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. Street Food Thursday features sidewalk delicacies from a variety of culinary traditions and will be open every Thursday from 5 until 11. Berlin has become a major tourist destination in Europe and has developed a reputation as a hip, affordable and open-minded city. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

You carry vermouth, you drink it, you mix it in cocktails, and you bottle it in innovative and interesting ways. Vermouth has recuperated its well-deserved spot in bars and finally it is growing on this generation that had forgotten that drinking it is being part of one of the traditions that is most steeped in our blood: the aperitif.

foto vermut

(crédito foto: Vermutería Pop Up)

Eat Kale

We’ve already said this in our fourth edition of Tapas magazine, Beyonce said it in her sweatshirt dancing around her room. Kevin Bacon said that “a day without kale is a day without sun,” Anne Hathaway lived on this vegetable to fit into her Catwoman suit in The Dark Knight Rises. With only 33 calories per cup, this super food helps to reduce cholesterol levels, has 2.5 grams of fiber, 3g of protein, and is an excellent source of Vitamin C, minerals, and powerful nutritional benefits for vision. And this is only mentioning some of the benefits. Let’s eat kale.

Bao is the new sushi

It was inevitable. What took so long in Spain has finally arrived and has become part of restaurant menus. Even though before it was exotic and strange, now it has become a mainstream product of the season. This isn’t saying that it isn’t delicious, just that it can be found everywhere (and on every Instagram profile), but you have to have a criteria, be able to differentiate the good from the not as good and from those that “I want but I can’t have” ones made of too much dough, a lot of sauce, and not much filling. It is not worth it to get into discussions about whether or not the bao dough is homemade or store bought, because while you may be able to tell, the difference is minimal. And while confessions are coming out, not even Chang himself makes them in the kitchen. He also buys them pre-made.

Yes, sherry is good

Not only is it good, but it also will be the drink of the year (including 2016). It didn’t even occur to you to buy it during the gin tonic boom, or to compare it with vermouth because it is not the same. Bread is bread and wine is wine. Sherry is wonderful on its own, accompanying a good chat, even better with tapas, and also goes well with some tasting menus that will be remembered forever. It is difficult to understand, easy to love, and hard to forget. This is our project for fall, because those who don’t get on the sherry bandwagon will definitely be missing out.

Fruit is out, truffle is in

Finally we can stop posing in photos with pineapple, watermelon, and melons. We all know that after four bites of truffle you will have left behind those fruits in memory to set yourself in the world of tapas as if there were no tomorrow. We’re not saying that it isn’t important to have them five times a day, but their time in the spotlight is over, and truffle season has begun. Yes, this is what Abraham Garcia sprinkles in his pan of fried eggs and mushroom mouse in Viridiana. Bocato di cardinali.

Bye bye gin, hello bourbon

Okay we are not SO radical, it is impossible to get rid of gin entirely after enjoying it so many times with friends and having all of those nights that stretch out until daybreak. Even those dangerous aperitifs that put us in bed with a hangover until midafternoon. What we can say is that the window of opportunities is expanding and it is giving us the power of bourbon. You’re not sold? Well think again: you get home after a long day of work and you pour yourself a good bourbon, a Bulleit, for example, you take off your shoes, put up your feel, and get comfy on the sofa for a Ballers marathon. Best idea ever. Is on the rocks too strong for you? Pull out the mixer and make yourself something classic like a Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Sazerac cocktail.

On the grill, please

Put it on the coals and bring all meat to the grill. The number one example is Buns and Bones (yes, more baos), with chops, shrimp, or marinated meat are the house specialties. Even though there is a dish that has the number one spot, the array of octopus and BBQ ribs are applause worthy. It is located just on the corner of the Mercado Anton Martin in Madrid and is usually a meeting place for the locals because it is packed every night. Relaxed, unpretentious, and with more than agreeable waiters.


(photo: Facebook Buns & Bones)


Bocadillo power

The bocadillo has been reinvented and has gained notoriety as the quickest and cheapest option to satisfy one’s hunger. The power of the bocadillo (Spanish sandwich) is clear in El Porron Canalla by Juanjo Lopez (La Tasquita de Enfrente) in the form of “mom’s” sandwiches filled with cold cuts from Arturo Sanchez, canned shellfish, and traditional mixes like Spanish tortilla with peppers and a secret sauce. Things get more interesting with the mussel bun with potato chips and the one with boar’s head dipped in an egg mixture (diyonesa). Just thinking about it makes the mouth water. This tendency is also shown at Perro Bar which before was Chifa Boteco. Estanis Carenzo (another big name in connection with sandwich power) decided to remake the bar into something more casual and dynamic with items like hot dogs and juicy hamburgers that are pretty addictive.


(photo: Facebook El Porrón Canalla)