The Pasta Queen’s trick for a perfect pomodoro sauce

This queen of pasta has shared her trick to make the best pomodoro sauce, take note because it's very easy!

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If there is one food that 99% of people like, it is pasta. There are countless varieties and you can eat it with any ingredient you can think of. Of course, if you want the recipe to be perfect, you’d better learn from the best. And when it comes to Italian food, without a doubt, one of the references is the influencer The Pasta Queen, who shares delicious and fun Italian recipes with pasta as the main ingredient. In a recent interview with Tasting Table, Nadia Caterina Munno (her given name) has revealed what her trick is to get a perfect pomodoro sauce. We tell you about it below.

Pomodoro sauce is one of the simplest, but also a guaranteed success. Composed only of tomato, basil and garlic, The Pasta Queen herself has confessed that it is her favorite sauce. To achieve perfection in its preparation, the tiktoker has revealed in the interview several secrets. On the one hand, about the tomatoes. The Italian says that she strains the tomatoes so that they have no seeds or skin. With this method she gets a sweeter tomato, she explains in the talk with Tasting Table.

Regarding the pasta, Nadia advises to boil the starch for about four minutes and leave another four minutes of cooking to finish it in the pan in the tomato. But the ultimate trick to pomodoro sauce is the flavor of basil. To do this, The Pasta Queen first boils the basil with the seasonings with the seasonings (you have to season it first). For seasoning, she recommends garlic and seasoning basil in sea salt (her grandmother’s trick), before introducing the tomato. Although many say it is a mistake, she confesses that this method releases a lot of flavor, as she confesses.

Next, put the drained tomatoes in salt and add the pasta, with the four minutes of cooking time that we mentioned before. After that time, Nadia introduces the seasoned basil. Another step would be to add a little of the pasta water to the mixture towards the end of the cooking time. This will bind the ingredients together much better. As a finishing touch for the perfect pasta with pomodoro sauce, Munno adds a little Parmesan cheese and fresh basil leaves.