Here’s the trick to easily remove white peel from oranges, even if you shouldn’t

If you are one of those who always remove the white part of the orange peel, we show you a trick to do it faster. However, you should know that this peel has healthy properties.

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When you peel an orange, it is very common to remove the white part of the skin -called ‘albedo’-, because it is usually bitter and more annoying. Sometimes it is a tedious task because it is not so easy to remove, but we have found a trick that will simplify it for you. Although you should know that this is precisely one of the most nutritious and healthiest parts of oranges. Specifically, this peel has a phenolic compound content between 15 and 20 times higher than that of the segments. But if you still find the texture or flavour uncomfortable, here is a quick and easy trick.

Trick to remove white peel from oranges

The resource we always use to peel or cut fruit is the knife. But in cases such as oranges, it always takes longer. So if you want to save a few minutes, there is another trick to do it. It is to boil the oranges for a short time. Although it may seem strange, this will soften the peel and the albedo will stick to the peel and not to the pulp. You only need to throw the orange into a pan of boiling water for a few seconds and remove them immediately. If you leave it longer, the fruit may boil. Afterwards, let it cool down a little, cut off the top and bottom of the orange with a knife and remove the peel.