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This is the steak recipe that Jamie Oliver surprised Stephen Colbert with

The popular British chef visited Stephen Colbert's show and surprised with the preparation of a very tasty steak, although it may not seem so strange to you.

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Jamie Oliver is one of the world’s most mediatic chefs. He has participated in numerous television programs and has also published several cookbooks. He has just released his latest book, ‘One: Simple One-Pan Wonders’, which recommends simple recipes that only need a frying pan to cook. To promote it, the chef visited the Stephen Colbert show where he talked about the goal he seeks with this book. He intends to provide an “easy to use” book so that people can do it at home. To do so, Oliver has compiled 120 recipes that need no more than 8 ingredients: from pasta to vegetable-based meals or meat preparations.

He decided to prepare a meat recipe live during the program with Stephen Colbert. The ingredients used by the chef surprised the host, although it was a fairly basic dish. First Jamie Oliver sliced the meat and sprinkled a good amount of grated Parmesan cheese on it (helped by Colbert), as well as seasoning it with salt and pepper. Oliver then placed thin slices of prosciutto (cured ham) on top of the meat. At this step, the presenter commented in surprise, “One of the best seasonings for meat is more meat?”. With a chuckle, the British chef confirmed it.

Although in the United States it may be surprising, in Spain it is quite common, since there are quite a few meat recipes with ham, such as the traditional Asturian cachopo (beef, Serrano ham and cheese) or the ham and cheese round, among others.