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This is Millie Bobby Brown’s favourite digestive drink

The actress shared 10 things she can’t live without in a recent GQ video. And this drink is one of them.

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Before talking about her favourite bowel drink, Millie Bobby Brown alluded to a vegetable that fascinates her, and to which she has devoted several sequences before: carrots.

‘Carrots are my favourite, I think about carrots all the time. I have sets dedicated just to carrots. I don’t even need them with a good dipping sauce, I just eat carrots plain’.

The Stranger Things star also talked about the importance of drinking a good bottle of water and a fermented drink full of probiotics: kombucha.

‘This is really good for your gut,’ she enthused. ‘I mean, it’s amazing. In fact, she specified her favourite Brown’s brands is Health-Ade, and her favourite flavours, which are Pink Lady and Berry Lemonade. And, in case it’s cold season, she grabs the Ginger-Lemon flavour to boost her immune system.