Millie Bobby Brown sparks controversy with her role as ‘food critic’

The actress is once again revolutionising the internet in a natural way.

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The vast majority of celebrities prefer to keep their profile anonymous at all times, even when giving a negative review of a restaurant or any other establishment. That is precisely the case with Brown, who recently spoke out on this issue, sharing yet another controversial gastronomic opinion, such as when he expressed his obsession with unwashed carrots.

In one of the latest episodes of the podcast ‘Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware‘, she revealed another even more controversial one. The star of ‘Damsel’ tells in that conversation that she publishes negative restaurant reviews under a pseudonym. This is what happens, my whole life is people criticising me. So I’m going to give it back to them sometimes’.

Millie goes on to talk about a time when she was dining in a hotel restaurant and the waitress advised her and Jake Bongiovi not to bring their food up to their room. The event was enough for the actress to post a negative review of the experience. ‘I’m a Karen,’ the actress jokingly admits. ‘I think it’s important to know where you went wrong.’


Star of Stranger Things, Enola Holmes, and brand new film Damsel, Millie Bobby Brown joins us this week. We met Millie at a hotel and had a delivery combo of Tom Kerridge food from his restaurant in the hotel, room service and even McDonald’s. Millie told us all the stories of her various farm animals (including Norman the sheep!), living life between London & Atlanta, creating a fake name online to leave reviews when she gets bad service, her fear of eating raw chicken, dreams of being in a musical, and how she has to have brown sauce on everything she eats, including a spag bol & a baked potato! Next time Millie, you’re coming round to mums for a roast dinner with all the trimmings, you’ll love it! Millie’s brand new film Damsel is out now on Netflix. #TableManners #podcast #food #recording #jessieware #lennieware #milliebobbybrown #netflix #karen #damsel #film #actress #reviews

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One of the podcast clips was posted on TikTok and took the internet by storm with over seven million views, with users flooding the comments to share their opinions. And, while the consensus with his speech was largely favourable, there was also a wave of backlash with negative comments alluding to his ‘snobbery’.